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"The CNF team welcome you all year no matter your sailing project, for lessons, private lessons, outings in groups or rental contracts. We will do our best to satisfy your expectations. 

All our instructors have certifications and garantee an adapted apprenticeship with a maximal security." 

The CNF, who are we?

The CNF is a friendly team, reunited within an administration council to which is enrolled our local manager and our resceptionist and secretary both all year employed by the association.

Around these fundamental people of the team can be found a professional apprentice certificate and a team of monitors teaching the different lessons during the summer period.

Composition of the Administration Council

President: Jean-Christian d'Autheville

Vice-president: Pierre Suhas

Secretary: Isabelle Hachard-Mauboussin

Treasurer: Gabriel Marly

Other members of the Administration Council: 

Patrick Archambault

Valérie Delrieu

Patrick Fouquet

Louis de Maissin

Loïc Bastard de Péré

Manuel De Matos

Pierre Gallani

Bénédicte Lataste

Théo Delrieu

The teaching team

The basic chef: Maxime is responsible for the operation of the sailing school. He manages the practical and theoretical organization of the internships, supervises the general safety on the water, takes care of the maintenance of the equipment throughout the year, recruits and supervises the instructors.

He is assisted by Océane, RTQ assistant in position year-round and by Haël apprentice BP JEPS Voile in alternance training in Bordeaux Lac


The monitors are mostly students practicing sailing and windsurfing since several years. Some are former "aid-monitors" and competitors of the CNF, all of them have at least a federal instructorship of sailing, a boating licence and the PSC1.

Reception and Secretary 

Annabel runs all the administrative part of the CNF, she will be your spokeperson at the Reception to advice you. She is helped during the summer to welcome new summer holidaymakers.

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