Wednesdays afternoon

Free the first year (50 euros for the cost of the licence ffvoile + membership CNF).

Activity for children from 6 to 10 years no matter their level. There will be a choice of equipment according to the tide and weather: optimist, bug, funboat, windsurfing or kayak.

Saturdays Sea Sports School / Leisure activity of sailing

The price for a cycle of 10 sessions is 160 euros or you have a choice of session with the Voile Loisir for 25 euros the session. Licence and membership CNF are compulsory (see below).

Activity of improvement (beginners welcome) for children between 10 and 17 years old. The equipment will be chosen depending the tide and weather: catamaran (dragoon, hc 15, hc 16), sailing dinghy or windsurfing. Some friendly outings are organised for the whole day or half-day. 

Saturdays leisure sailing for adults

The cycle of 5 sessions of sailing for adults costs 110 euros or there is a price of 25 euros by session for more flexibility. 

Initiation activity (beginners welcome) for adults. There is a choice of equipment depending on the tide and the weather: catamaran (hc 15, hc 16), friendly outings of 2h30 to feel the pleasure of sledging and being more independant. 

Carte d’Adhérent
Cercle Nautique du Ferret
Année: ………………

Nom: ………………………..
Prénom: ………………………
Quartier des pêcheurs, plage du Phare
05 56 60 44 06

Membership CNF / licence FFVoile

Less than 18 years: membership CNF 22 euros + licence FFV 28 euros = 50 euros

Adults : membership CNF 43 euros + licence FFV 57 euros = 100 euros

For your licence and your membership to the CNF, please contact the club.